Cosmetic acupuncture, also known as facial acupuncture, is a non-invasive natural beauty treatment that involves the insertion of tiny acupuncture needles into the skin to improve blood circulation, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and release deeper muscular tension and knots in the face. 

This safe and gentle therapy will give you an instant brightening and glowing effect, and over time can erase fine lines and wrinkles and lift sagging skin as well as improving tone and texture. As cosmetic acupuncture is a holistic treatment, you will experience the added benefit of boosting overall health and wellbeing. 

45 minutes $100

Frequently asked questions

Cosmetic acupuncture
What is Cosmetic acupuncture?
Cosmetic acupuncture is a holistic beauty treatment which focuses on bringing the body into balance, which in turn brings about positive changes in the face and complexion.
How does it work?
Premature ageing, fine lines, lax skin and pigmentation issues can be external manifestations of internal imbalances within the body and reactions to environmental factors. Cosmetic acupuncture treatment addresses these imbalances, thus restoring the natural state of harmony, which is reflected in the face. A combination of body and facial acupuncture points are used to treat the underlying causes of imbalance and promote facial microcirculation, giving you an immediate brightening effect and glow.

The acupuncture needles also create micro trauma causing the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, softening fine lines and wrinkles, and boosting hydration. And on a deeper level, the needles target tight muscles and relax them, whilst also toning and firming areas of laxity. This can create a face lift like effect.
How long does it take to see results?
Most people display a noticeable glow after one or two treatments. However, the effects of cosmetic acupuncture are cumulative, therefore a course of treatment is recommended to receive maximum benefit. Everyone responds differently, but generally a course of at least 6-10 weekly treatments is required. After this maintenance sessions every 4-8 weeks will keep your complexion glowing, fresh and youthful.
Can I have cosmetic acupuncture if I have had injectables?
Cosmetic acupuncture can be used as a natural alternative to injectables, but it also works well as a complementary therapy to these procedures. In these instances, we recommend waiting a least three months after having injectables before you have cosmetic acupuncture treatment.
Is cosmetic acupuncture suitable for everyone?
Not everyone is a suitable candidate for cosmetic acupuncture. It is not recommended for those who are pregnant or trying to conceive, have uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes, suffer from migraines or vertigo, bruise easily, are on blood thinning medications, or have a pacemaker.
Does cosmetic acupuncture hurt?
We use premium quality Japanese needles which are super fine and smooth, allowing them to glide through the skin painlessly. You may feel a slight sting when the needles are initially inserted, after this there may be some warmth, tingling or pressure. Most people find cosmetic acupuncture to be a relaxing experience.
Is there any down time?
There is no down time associated with cosmetic acupuncture. You may resume normal activities immediately afterward. There is a small risk of bruising, but this is a rare occurrence.