A Skin Consultation is required prior to having any skin or laser treatments. The 30-minute appointment time will give you and our experienced clinicians the opportunity to assess your skin, discuss any concerns and plan the best treatment options suitable for your needs.

Our talented Clinical Team “Live & Breathe” Skin and are experts in customizing treatments, providing skin care advice with our leading product range from ASPECT DR, COSMEDIX ELITE.

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Stacey is a highly knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate Nurse Educator/Practice Nurse who helps educate and facilitate patients about appropriate treatments best suited to the individual at No. 1 Skin Clinic.

She has worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator for over 10 years and has extensive experience in the cosmetic industry. As a Nurse, Stacey is passionate about making you feel instantly comfortable and helping to establish a strong contribution to positive patient outcomes.

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Contact our clinic to book a phone chat with Stacey on (03) 9132 9655, or email us at hello@number1skinclinic.com