Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a professional procedure that uses a chemical solution to resurface the skin. This helps to remove the top, damaged layers of the Epidermis. We can treat a variety of skin concerns. 

Chemical peels are extremely common and favoured by Clinicians and Dermatologists in clinics for their effectiveness and ease of use. As we age our cell renewal turnover starts to slow down and peeling can help to accelerate this process to uncover healthy and fresh skin. To gain benefits from peels, people assume you must have to have downtime for weeks with lots of shedding, this is a misconception and false. The action when we peel is at a cellular level, the visible signs of shedding is just a side effect of dead skin being removed. Chemical peels are pain free, although it can at times feel slightly tingly and is usually mild in nature. 

Chemical peels are delivered monthly, during a treatment we are creating a small, controlled wound in the skin, the skin then has 28 days to repair before treating again. At Number 1 skin we offer many different acids and peeling systems and will always tailor the right one based on each patient's concerns and PH level of their skin.

The treatment can take 20-30 minutes and can also be partnered with Omnilux LED light therapy to create a synergistic effect and further enhance results. 

We look forward to having you in the Clinic. 

Number 1 Skin Team xx 

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