Does Ultherapy really work? 

When Ultherapy first came out there were mixed responses about whether this treatment actually worked! After years of researching clinical data and medical literature, too in clinic experience we have great news, YES it works and is also completely safe.  

In the past, unfortunately various clinics had been using "fake" machines or parts. Fast forward to now and there are only positive reviews for the Ultherapy System. 

  • We use focussed ultrasound to target the correct layers in the treated area 
  • Full Face, Lower Face, Upper Face, Neck and Decolletage  
  • Collagen stimulation which is visible 3 months post your treatment
  • Gives you a natural lift and tightening of the skin 
  • Gold standard in medical devices 
  • TGA approved + FDA cleared device in both efficacy and safety 
  • Non-invasive, No downtime 

Patients can know they are in safe hands with us at Number 1 skin, Doctors owned clinic and our Clinicians are fully trained and qualified in this treatment procedure. People ask all the time "does it hurt" the simple answer is 'it's totally bearable'. Pain is never easy to gauge for anyone, but it is comfortable enough and the results are worth it!

These machines have come a long way since skin tightening became accessible in the cosmetic industry, radio frequency also known as RF was all we had available for years, and with constant advancements Ultrasound technology has surpassed and is now our industry gold standard in Skin lifting and tightening. With indications for use of depths between 1.5mm and 4.5mm beneath the skin. Exciting for our industry and for our patient results. 

Contact our clinic to further discuss this treatment option for you.  

Number 1 Skin Team xx 

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