Skinpen - Microneedling

Have you ever wondered what Microneedling is and why so many people are lining up for this treatment? The ultimate skin rejuvenation for youthful looking skin. The benefits of needling are worth the splurge! Here are the details below on this current skin trend. 

Microneedling by SkinPen is a minimally invasive skincare treatment that stimulates 'wound healing' or the body's natural reaction to produce collagen. Microneedling has been around for centuries, most commonly as acupuncture. This modern version of skin treatments is now taking the beauty and cosmetic world by storm! SkinPen precision leads the way in technology and performance. This fully cleared medical micro needling device treats a variety of skin concerns and is safe for all skin types:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Melasma
  • Acne scars
  • Vitiligo 
  • Solar Lentigines 
  • Uneven texture
  • Large Pores
  • Stretch Marks


A thorough skin consultation will be done in assessing your skin and an individualised treatment plan will be made for you. 


You will arrive at the clinic fresh faced. We will sit with you to discuss and thoroughly go through your consent form for this treatment. We will talk over the procedure in more detail and advise you everything you need to know in the steps following your treatment. We then like to take a series of private photographs for you, we can take these throughout your journey and visually see the amazing changes happening in your skin. We then apply a thin layer of topical numbing cream, this stays on the skin for roughly 30minutes. This time will allow you to sit back, relax with a cup of warm tea, magazine and get cozy under our lux faux fur blankets. 

30 minutes have passed, and we are now ready to start the treatment. The dressing pack is now opened, the numbing cream is removed gently and the face is alcohol swabbed, we then apply a Hyalurionc acid serum to help infuse into the skin to create hydration and plumpness. We treat sections of the face and will use different depths of microneedles depending on the area and treatment concern. The treatment takes 15 minutes to perform for a full face and is very comfortable for the patient, most patients feel a slight vibration over their skin. 

The final step is to clean the skin and infuse more hyaluronic serum. The skin will appear slightly mild to moderate in redness often explained as a light sunburn feeling. We will supply you with an aftercare care kit with 2 small serums, the remaining contents in the hyaluronic serum tube we encourage to continue use for the evening, and the second balm is to be used the following days. We also advise no extreme exercise or heat related activities for 24 hours. The next day most patients wake feeling good, slightly pink, you are now able to apply your second recovery balm, makeup and always never forget your SPF


Can vary depending on the treatment protocol and your Clinician can discuss this with you individually. Usually 2-7 days are expected. Most patients see a change from 1 session, but imagine what multiple sessions can do! 


Micro needling is usually spaced one month apart for each appointment.     

See you in Clinic! 

Brooke, No.1 Skin x   

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