The Clear + Brilliant Laser Facial

It would be so wonderful if we all just 'woke-up like this', but the reality is we need to invest back into our skin and skincare routine. This includes finding the right clinician for you and then working on a treatment plan that assists you achieving these goals, and of course financially.

Today we are going to chat about our Clear + Brilliant facial:

Clear +, Brilliant also known as mini Fraxel, focuses on improving skin tone, skin texture, pigmentation and minimising pores. It is clinically proven to fight the effects of aging, and designed to give patients a less aggressive option to a complete skin resurfacing Fraxel treatment.

HOW DOES IT WORK? This technology uses laser energy to penetrate deep into the skin, which in turn creates microscopic treatment zones beneath the surface. The skin then becomes fresher, healthier and more radiant due to the natural healing process the skin goes through post-treatment. The C+B laser facial is suited to all skin types, colour and age.

Most patients will tolerate this laser without much discomfort, and we apply numbing cream for this procedure. Most only report back of feeling a slight prickling sensation on the skin. Downtime will vary, but we generally say 2-5 days. The feeling on day 2 is a sand paper feel to the skin and this will be followed by a dryness/flakey feel for the few days following your treatment.

C + B RESULTS: you will start to see the effects after just a few days, and even greater improvement over the next several weeks. We recommend that these treatments be spaced out one month apart for optimal results.

WHAT NEXT & HOW CAN WE HELP? Book in for a skin consultation with us at No. 1 Skin! Our skin consults are complimentary, and during this time we will discuss your current skincare routine and what you ultimately want to achieve with this treatment (or any treatment).

For all appointments, phone (03) 9132 9655 or email

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