Phototherapy is not a new science and over 1,000 clinical studies have studied the effects of light on our bodies: Phototherapy is the exposure of cells and tissue to low levels of visible or near infrared light.

When these wavelengths penetrate the skin, they are absorbed by the mitochondria of the cell which starts a cascade of inter and extracellular reactions that promotes healthier skin. The light targets specific cells that create synthesis and repair of the skin structure. These reactions first begin when the light is absorbed by the cells’ mitochondria and continue to work even after the light has been switched off.

Having an Omnilux Medical treatment helps to stimulate Collagen and cell turn over assisting in skin rejuvenation and acne concerns.

Red Light
Omnilux Revive Red focuses on anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. Highly absorbed by fibroblasts increasing the synthesis of collagen it has also been proven to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins, accelerate healing and calm the skin.

Blue Light
Omnilux Blue that focuses on helping with acne, and bacteria that causes acne from mild to severe cases.

(20min) $80

Add on: Combination Red & Blue Light

Redness: going, going... gone.

Check out these major results from Omnilux user Emma. Emma suffers from rosacea flare-ups and experienced a significant reduction in her redness and inflammation after just two Omnilux sessions: "I had a rosacea breakout a few months ago. I used the Omnilux Contour Face. This shows the fast healing ability it has!". Purchase this at home version.