Microdermabrasion (45min) $140
    Using crystal discs to gently exfoliate superficial dead skin cells for a smoother complexion. Helps improve congestion, mild acne, dull, textured, and uneven skin tone.
    Add on: Neck or Decolletage $40


    Epidermal Leveling (45min) $160
    A Surgical blade is used to glide the surface of the skin to remove vellus hair and x3 the amount of dead skin cells as your average microdermabrasion. For congested, dull, textured skin types. Not ideal for acne patients. 


    Chemical Peel (60min) $120-250
    Customised For ALL Skin Types. Chemo-exfoliation agents are used to accelerate skin renewal to enhance concerns including pigmentation, acne, and ageing.
    Complimentary LED included.
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    Skin Needling (60min) $260
    Micro channels are created to kickstart your skin’s natural wound healing response, increasing a rush of growth factors for essential skin regeneration. This method of collagen induction restores youth and radiance by targeting a variety of skin concerns. Ideal for acne scarring & ageing skin types. Complimentary LED included.


    Laser Genesis (60min) $280
    1064nm wavelength encourages collagen stimulation, improves pigmentation and the breakdown of finer blood vessels. Ideal for sun damage & rosacea skin types
    Add on: Neck or Decolletage $50
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    Omnilux LED Therapy (20min) $80
    Add on: Combination Red & Blue Light
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    Healite LED Therapy (20min) $80
    Add on: Combination Red & Near-Infrared Light